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SWING dancing, also known as Lindyhop or Jitterbug, is the original partner dance of 1930’s and 1940’s Harlem, and it is currently experiencing a huge worldwide revival.

At the SWING station, the newest and hippest swing dance club in Auckland, New Zealand, we are passionate about this fun and spontaneous dance and the fabulous swing music that accompanies it, so we encourage you to come and join us… and in no time at all you will be swinging to the best music from the Big Bands to the Rat Pack and beyond!!

• Learn to dance in an inviting, friendly atmosphere
• Learn from quality trained instructors
• Social dance at five great venues
• Listen to some of the best SWING music around
• Meet some fabulous enthusiastic & friendly people
• Keep fit (without even knowing it!)
• Have some of the best fun you will ever have!

Come along and give it a go! You will love it!

The best music around, the best dance steps in town, at a venue near you... what more could you ask for?

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